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ACHTUNG: Bedingt durch Corona, wird dieser Vortrag nicht wie gewohnt offline in der Heinrich-Heine-Universität stattfinden. Wir steigen vorerst auf online Vorträge um. Der Link bzw. die Infos zur Teilnahme am Online Vortrag folgen noch.

Der Vortag findet in Deutsch statt!

"No one runs Java applications in containers." This or similar statements might sound familiar to you. When it comes to Java (or other languages running on the JVM) in containerized environments, there's a lot of negative comments on the internet or you'll find a lot of hesitancy towards doing so when chatting with others. In this talk, I'll show you that it is possible to run Java in containers (and that even performantly ;-)) and what to look out for.

Daniel Kleuser started his career as systems administrator working with a variety of technologies and in different team setups throughout the years. After finding his passion for being closer to application development, he's now living the DevOps dream at trivago.